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Slightly Green

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Today is Match Day.

If you didn’t know, this is the day that medical students both dream and fear. During their fourth and final year in medical school, Match Day is when they find out if they were accepted to a residency program… thereby “matching.”

For those who match, it really is a joyous time- all that hard work is finally paying off and two days are what stand in the way before finding out which program has offered an acceptance.

Those who don’t match, not only is it a blow to the ego… but it leaves you in panic mode, and the next two days become a crazed scramble to find… something.

I’m no longer on that path, and for the most part I’m okay with that. However, it’s days like this that make me think “what if?” and wonder if I made the right decision.

I’m pretty sure I did. This accelerated program is insane… and this is only for 12 months. Imagine if I attempted four years of medical school. I could have very well have had a nervous breakdown. Or have been kicked out because honestly, I can’t be serious. I always find distractions to keep me from doing what needs to be done.

Anyways, congrats to all of you who matched today. And good luck to those of you who didn’t. In the end you’re getting what you want. You’ll be physicians, and you’ll be seeing the likes of me out in the hospital this summer.

This should be fun.


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March 15, 2010 at 14:47

And It Begins Again

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Yesterday we had our first class of the semester. Med Surg 2. I am closing in on graduation, with really only this class (the others I hear are a cake walk) standing in my way. In my usual fashion, I strolled in late. Sat in the back, and tried my best to pay attention to the lecture. Not too bad, but I had the feeling I would really have to study this time around.

Today should have been a clinical day, but instead we all met at school to get our hospital orientations… again. Considering we keep going back to the same hospitals, why do this again? Well, it seems that the hospital I will be at for the next month has changed their orientation for student nurses. And… their presentation is based on one that was presented by a student from last year’s class. Go ABSN.

I’m going back to the ICU. Pretty happy about that, I really dislike the medical floors. I need that constant, move from one thing to the next that I would expect in a unit such as the ICU. In reality, I’m sure that I’ll have a lot of down time. I am after all, just a nursing student. I am limited in what I can do, and what I can do is always supervised. It can be frustrating at times, because you get the feeling that you’re really not doing anything. But I see their point- I can totally screw up and they would have to deal with it.

The group I’m in seems pretty good- pretty much the top of the class… and me. I truly feel like the weakest link in the group, and I hope I don’t screw up. SO thinks I’m crazy to think that way, and constantly reminds me of how most of the class usually turns to me when it comes to schoolwork. I think they’re nuts, I really have no clue what I’m doing. If anything, it’s the all those science classes I’ve taken over the years that are somehow eeking out of my brain. But really… I have no clue what I’m doing.

After letting them sit on the floor of my bedroom for the last two months, I’ve finally put my uniforms into the wash. I also bought a new pair of shoes for clinical, I can’t take those nursing shoes anymore. Nursing Mates kill your feet, and they’re supposed to do the opposite. I decided to get one of those exercise shoes, think MBT/Sketches/Dr. Scholl’s. There are so many brands out there hawking their take on the shoe, so you should find something in your price range. On my last rotation, Psych, all the nurses wore them and kept going on and on about how wonderful they are during the shift. Unlike Danskos (which I would rather wear), the is little chance you’ll turn your ankles on these. They take some getting used to, because you feel like you’re going to fall backwards. But it’s supposed to help with your posture, and give your a good workout. Considering I’m on my feet most of the day, it should be a crazy good workout.

With that done, I’m off to do some studying. I really am. I have motivation again.

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January 20, 2010 at 13:50

My Diagnosis

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Stress related to insanity of ABSN program as evidenced by crying, muttering to nobody in particular, and a general “gloom and doom” disposition.

Not exactly NANDA appropriate, but that is how I’ve been the last few weeks.

Compared to my other classes, these last few weeks have been a breeze. Classes later in the day, no clinicals, no real studying, weekends free. As easy going as it was, this week alone has truly started to freak me out.

Me. The one who gave the presentation on how we shouldn’t stress or we’ll end up burning out. I did well on the presentation, by the way. For throwing something together rather quickly, I think it was one of the more enjoyable presentations given.

The paper, same thing- very quickly thrown together… but I have no idea how I did on it.

The exam. Oh, that exam. Yes, I’ve written on here how I thought I failed a test. But this time I am pretty darn sure that I did bad on it. And I’m not the only one… everyone I talked to when I left that classroom felt the same exact way. That test was completely out of the blue, and I hope they curve that sucker.

This was for our Nursing Concepts class. The professors teaching it were nice and all… but they didn’t teach Sure, they kinda covered the first eight chapters, but it wasn’t teaching. We discussed for the most part. The chapters after that were done by everyone in the class, and that was it. There was no input after each presentation by the professor to supplement what was presented. It was just present… any questions? Next chapter.

There was no guidance whatsoever… and I hope they aren’t shocked to see that we didn’t do as great as they thought we should.

Moving on… nothing I can do about that class now.

I have my Health Assessment Practicum tomorrow. I’m a litle concerned about it because I have to do a head-to-toe assessment and make sure I hit all the necessary tests. Not to mention what I’m doing as I’m doing it and to explain why each part of the assessment is important. My partner and I have been working on it, but we never able to completely go through a full assessment. Right now I’m going through Youtube videos to help me how I should plan it out.

Deep breath.

I can’t wait until Med-Surg now.

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September 16, 2009 at 16:17

“Just Breathe…”

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Three classes down already. So crazy.

Before I can even think about my next class (Maternity-Pediatrics) I need to pass the medical calculations test.

I already failed one. This is my last chance. I don’t know what to do now. I’ve done practice questions. And some more. And some more. For the most part I get it, but then I get the string of stupid mistakes and of course the insecurities set in and my mind starts reeling and thinking about a plan B. I’ve been on the brink of tears a handful of times, and indulged in vices I keep swearing to give up.

Please… whoever is out there… help me get through this.

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July 13, 2009 at 22:23


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It took two long days, but I have finally finished my pharmacology paper.

Starting the paper, finding more articles for my paper, realizing that my articles would not help in the least, searching for articles again, helping classmates out on their articles, taking a zillion breaks, listening to loads of MJ, plenty of “hey, can you go over what I have here and see if it sounds right?”, DD runs, trips outside to scream out my frustrations, cursing PP under my breath, etc. etc.

Is it the best? Meh… it’ll do. I’m actually a little concerned that I wrote too much. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

I hope PP doesn’t hold it against me.

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June 29, 2009 at 00:24

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They’ve Got My Number…

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The pharmacology grades have been posted. Not online, as usual… thanks to some “computer glitch.” The grades were instead posted on the board outside of the Nursing Office.

Majority of the class passed, and thankfully I was one of them. A handful didn’t, and it sucks.

Why? Because of how the grades are weighed. Each exam is worth 30% of your final grade, and the drug paper is worth 10%. I completely forgot about this, but was reminded by a few classmates. Now people are going into numbers mode and it is of course leading to major freakouts. Me? I’m doing my best not to get to that point. There is still the paper, and the final. There is a whole week to study for that final and own it. I have the rest of this week to write the paper and own it.

Gotta think positive. It’s the only way to make it.

The second round of clinicals began today, and I love it. My clinical instructor is awesome and is the perfect example of what teaching should be. My group is working on a medical surgical unit and on the first day we split up into groups and used some of the skills we learned in Nursing 1.

My partner and I were given a patient who was recently admitted to the hospital. Our goal with our patient was to do a head to toe assessment and give a bed bath.

Easier said than done. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 24, 2009 at 20:00

Where To Begin?

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pharm study

I just don’t know.

Today was the second pharmacology exam. Fifty questions, with some extra credit thrown in for good measure.

I really don’t know what to say.

Last week, PP told the class what chapters would be covered on the test. This section covered sixteen chapters, but the emphasis would be on four of them, along with the prototype drugs. The reasoning behind this was that the drugs covered in the those four chapters are frequently seen in the clinical setting. The remaining chapters we just had to know general concepts.

Sounds good, right?

The class for the most part studied and studied those four chapters. Learned the prototype drugs forwards and backwards. As for the general concepts, those chapters were just passing glances… maybe a once over on the notes.

Then came that exam. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 23, 2009 at 20:10