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A Toothy Monday

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A co-worker was grabbing lunch in the cafeteria when she heard someone behind her say,

“Ugh! It smells like a dentist office!”

If I was in denial before about the dental smell getting down deep, I believe it now. Which is why I jump straight into the shower right after work. The lingering smell of drilled teeth and cement is not attractive.

And while I’m on a spiel about dentation, how about you parents out there get it through your head that putting soda/juice/gatorade in their bottles is a BAD IDEA?!? I have seen so many kids come in with blackened teeth… or what’s left of them. It’s sad to see a cute kid with a nubbin smile.

Come on, Mom and Dad – how about you brush your kids teeth? I don’t care if they’re just baby teeth, but you should be ashamed you allowed your children to get to this state.


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December 3, 2012 at 21:56

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