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Hi there. It’s late.

Pretty darn late. But I’m still up NCLEX studying.

And when I write studying, I mean I do mostly other things and then study. For example today- things started off well but then my mind started to wander; what’s on tv, what have I missed, remember that really good show about blahblahblah… So I went ahead and took a break and looked up things. Ait turns out, some of my favorite international shows were still online, complete with english subtitles.

Watch half an episode. Do some studying. Watch the rest of the episode. It was like this all day.

Anyways, nursing seems to be the theme of the newer shows (Nurse Jackie, Hawthorne, Mercy)… and that’s just here in the US. Back in Stereotypia, I remember seeing at least one nurse themed show in the last year. And it wasn’t very good. The show I found was done back in 2007. It’s called Nurse Aoi, and even though it’s a little silly, it was a nice distraction.

And now that I’ve let you know about that, I can get back to studying.


Written by stereotypicalone

August 13, 2010 at 03:38

Posted in nursing, Other, Random

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