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I haven’t posted in a while. And I really should have, there were plenty of things that went on. There were plenty of things that I wanted to say.

I just didn’t feel like it.

Which makes me wonder why I started this blog. I wanted to keep track of the things I did during nursing school… to look back and see what I had to do and what I did to get by. But it just didn’t happen enough. Sure I wrote here and there, but it was more mental notes of things. Which really doesn’t help those of who who stumble onto this blog hoping for a glimpse of what nursing school… accelerated nursing in particular, is like. What you saw was just a snippet, rants for the most part.

I guess I’ll do better for grad school. Can you believe I’m already thinking ahead to more schooling?!?


Today was the graduation ceremonies for my college. The pinning ceremony was a couple of weeks ago, and since then I’ve been puttering around and trying to remember what life was like before nursing school.

I’m still trying to remember it. Life before nursing school. It’s hard for me to imagine doing anything else but this program, but isn’t that how it always goes? You get so wrapped up in the moment and what you’re trying to accomplish… that everything else just melts away and you try your best to figure out what happened on the outside.

Needless to say I’ve been kinda bored these last few weeks.

The forecasters kept threatening rain, and for most of the morning the skies were overcast. But the rain stayed away and the seats remained in their same spots outside. The school requested that all graduates arrive an hour early so that we could find our spots in the holding area. My original plan was to head to school an hour before that. What ended up happening was me heading over 30 minutes before the requested meet up time and getting stuck in the traffic. The parking I thought would be reserved for graduates was not available and I ended up parking in one of the satellite lots.

I didn’t mention it, but I was wearing heels.

Thank goodness there was a shuttle. And it so happened to be full of nursing  students. All from the traditional program, gabbing about this classmate, and that after party. They even started talking about which NCLEX review they were going with.

“I’m not doing Professor Glass’s review, I’m just sticking with Kaplan. You can start when you want AND they give you a book AND this AND that AND blahblahblahblah”

Thankfully the ride on the shuttle was short and headed over to the area that my classmates were at. We did gown checks, making sure that the back of the hood had the correct fold, so that the school colors were visible. We passed out pins to help anchor the hood in the front, and did cap checks. Several dozen poses for several dozen pictures, and I am sure those several dozen will soon be posted on Facebook. We also placed bets on how long the ceremony would be.

“Three hours, no longer.”
“Are you kidding me? Did you see how many names they have to go through?”

We finally started lining up for the entering procession, with the Deans giving some last-minute tips and congratulating us on making it this far. It seemed like an eternity, but the Nursing Division was finally called and we all stood up and walked outside.

I don’t really remember how I felt when I graduated from college the first time. I’m sure it was nervous excitement- after all, I was graduating from college! I was surrounded by friends and felt very comfortable throughout the ceremony. This time it was completely different. As I walked down the aisle, I kept looking around, trying to see a familiar face. I saw Program Director, but I didn’t wave; I just went back to scanning the crowd. I finally saw one of my classmate’s significant other and stopped for a picture. I’m pretty sure from that point I finally started to smile.

Seating… sucked. In order to accommodate all the graduates in the space they were holding the ceremony, they crammed as many seats as possible in each row. And just my luck, I was stuck next to a rather large graduate, who didn’t understand the concept of sharing space. For a good portion of the ceremony, we played a game of “Who’s Seat is This,” with graduate constantly moving towards my seat, and me politely moving back… and receiving dirty looks in the process. There was quite a bit graduate did during the ceremony that I found annoying, but there’s no need to rehash it again.

Aside from the annoyance, the ceremony wasn’t bad. Yes, it was long… but it was a large graduating class and they gave each student a chance to shine. I was worried that it would be dead quite when I walked up on stage, but luckily I heard my classmates cheer, which made me feel less nervous… and confident that I would not trip on the stairs.

Finally, the last name was called and as a group we moved our tassels. Music played, and we began the long procession out. I ducked out of the procession line early so I could take some more pictures with my classmates and try to find my parents. It turned out they were waiting for me at the end of the procession line. Oh well. They saved me a few snacks that were left from the reception tent. Coconut cookies… yum. Instead of waiting for a shuttle back to our cars, we decided to walk.

Did I mention I was in heels?

Say hello to my little friend… the lovely blister on my foot.


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