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Bored as Hell

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It is the afternoon and the morning class is still going.

It is nowhere near finishing, either. This would be fine if the teacher in question was actually teaching. Instead, Professor Story is going on and on about this and that… nothing of any importance. And she doesn’t mind that almost all of the class is on their computers, checking Facebook, watching Hulu, talking to each other on gchat.

Waste of time class.

The next class isn’t any better. It’s the one class that runs the whole semester, it has so far been a waste of time. Plus Program Director runs it and… what can I say? I do well on an initial draft, but get penalized because the final draft of my paper is too long? Too long?!? I cut out pages in that paper to get within the mandated 3-5 pages. It’s difficult to really have a good position piece if you’re limited in what you can actually present.

I think I should get something to eat.


Written by stereotypicalone

March 8, 2010 at 14:03

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