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NCLEX Practice Question of the Week

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Here is the weekly question posted on the NCSBN Learning Extension:

A nurse is caring for a client in the coronary care unit. The display on the cardiac monitor indicates ventricular fibrillation. What should the nurse do first?

  1. Perform defibrillation
  2. Administer epinephrine as ordered
  3. Assess for presence of pulse
  4. Institute CPR

The correct answer is: 3 – Assess for presence of pulse

Answer 3 was pretty obvious, right? Something you probably would have been able to answer if you weren’t even in nursing school. Just remember the ABCs: Airway Breathing Circulation.

1. Airway – Make sure the patient has an open airway. Check the mouth quickly for any obstruction. Use the head tilt chin lift, or jaw thrust to get that airway open.

2. Breathing – Once you’ve got that airway open, you need to look, listen, and feel. Turn your head to the side and over the patient’s mouth, you want to hear breathing sounds, feel any breath hit your face, and look to see if the chest rises and falls

3. Circulation – Finally, you want to check that carotid pulse.


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