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A Quick Word on Med-Surg 1

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I think it’s a lot more about making good guesses than studying everything.

After the last month of doing hardly anything, going back to the old structure of learning proved to be difficult. My head is so not into it right now, and I find that I have to push myself to study. Our first test was on Musculoskeletal and Immune systems. I flew through the MS stuff, but I started to lose focus with the immune system. It was just so many numbers to remember and drugs and which tests to watch for… I finally said screw it. I walked into that test knowing the answers to less than half of them, and guessing on all the rest.

Woohoo! Passed!

The second exam, which covered Cardiovascular and GI, was more of the same- forcing myself to study only to give up the weekend before the test. Answered what I definitely knew… guessed on all the rest.

Woohoo! Pass #2!

This does not mean I will the very same for exam three. I got out of clinical extra early today, so perhaps it would be a good idea to knock out the first half of the info for the test. Everyone else in my clinical group seems to do that- keep their notes under the patient’s chart and study study study.


Written by stereotypicalone

October 6, 2009 at 13:16

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