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Here is the run down of how Pediatrics went:

Thought for sure that I failed the first exam. Surprisingly, I passed.

I had a sinking feeling that I failed the second exam. Once again, I passed. And pretty decently, I might add.

Third exam I actually studied. Really studied. It was my mission to do well. One of the highest scores in the class.

Final, which was the day after the third exam, I didn’t bother studying and didn’t give a rats ass if I failed. Pass.

Someone please explain to me the logic in teaching a class in two weeks? Oh, that’s right… I’m in an accelerated program, so there’s no such thing as logic! How silly of me to think something in these 12 months would actually make sense.

But I passed Maternity and Pediatrics. On to the fall semester!


Written by stereotypicalone

August 24, 2009 at 17:22

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