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NCLEX Practice Question of the Week

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Here is the weekly question posted on the NCSBN Learning Extension:

A client calls the evening health clinic to state “I know I have severely low sugar since the Lantus insulin was given three hours ago and it peaks in two hours.” What should be the nurse’s initial response to the client?

  1. “What else you do you know about this type of insulin?”
  2. “What are you feeling at this moment?”
  3. “Have you eaten anything today?”
  4. “Are you taking any other insulin or medication?”

The correct answer is – What are you feeling at this moment?

Here’s what confused me… Lantus and the “peak.” The question states that Lantus has a peak, however, I was taught that there was no peak. Hell… it was drilled into us that Lantus has no peak. This is why I orginally picked answer #1. If you don’t know, Lantus is a type of insulin that some patients use to maintain a minimum level in their blood. Also, you never mix Lantus with another insulin.

Anyone out there who is more familiar with this drug?


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July 1, 2009 at 19:14

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