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They’ve Got My Number…

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The pharmacology grades have been posted. Not online, as usual… thanks to some “computer glitch.” The grades were instead posted on the board outside of the Nursing Office.

Majority of the class passed, and thankfully I was one of them. A handful didn’t, and it sucks.

Why? Because of how the grades are weighed. Each exam is worth 30% of your final grade, and the drug paper is worth 10%. I completely forgot about this, but was reminded by a few classmates. Now people are going into numbers mode and it is of course leading to major freakouts. Me? I’m doing my best not to get to that point. There is still the paper, and the final. There is a whole week to study for that final and own it. I have the rest of this week to write the paper and own it.

Gotta think positive. It’s the only way to make it.

The second round of clinicals began today, and I love it. My clinical instructor is awesome and is the perfect example of what teaching should be. My group is working on a medical surgical unit and on the first day we split up into groups and used some of the skills we learned in Nursing 1.

My partner and I were given a patient who was recently admitted to the hospital. Our goal with our patient was to do a head to toe assessment and give a bed bath.

Easier said than done.

N.P. (New Patient) was only alert x1 and somewhat unresponsive (minus an outburst or two). The assessment was a little tricky, given the patient’s weakness and our inability to really communicate. It felt like forever, but we finally were able to finish what we set out to do. When we left the room, N.P. was left resting comfortably, clean and dry, bed at the lowest setting, head of the bed raised to a comfortable position, and side rails up.

CI had found patients to show us that had all different kinds of tubes- trach tube, ostomy tube, and a foley or two. CI went over each one, and explained how to inspect the areas, clean and maintain them. CI also wrangled up a patient that needed wound care treatment and we learned a lot about that.

Such a great experience. I am so motivated about this now, and I can’t wait to get back into the hospital. I don’t even mind that we have to go in really early- we’ll be there for the morning report and will be responsible for two patients… tomorrow! I think we’ll still be paired up, but CI was already talking about how next week we would be on our own and by the end of the month taking care of three patients.

Bring it. I’m ready to go.

**I will at some point put up my HIPAA disclaimer. For now, I’ve watered it down enough so you can’t figure out who anyone is.**


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June 24, 2009 at 20:00

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