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Just wanted to write something during the class break. Currently watching videos for my Nursing 2 class and then going to the lab to learn the skills we need to be certified in this week.

Second pharmacology exam is this afternoon and everyone is FREAKED OUT. PP was kind enough to let us know what the majority of the test would be on, and I studied just that. The other 7-8 chapters? Educated guessing, my friend.

I might do some more studying during the lunch break, but I doubt it. I know what I know… and I should just go with it.

UPDATE (10:07) – What is up with all these breaks? Talk talk talk talk talk…. okay, let’s take a five minute break. How about a fifteen minute break so I can run to DD and get a coffee? Can’t believe it’s just past 10… I have been here for over two hours and it doesn’t feel like it (although it did feel like a lifetime when we had to watch those videos).

Definitely liking this class.


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June 23, 2009 at 09:06

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