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The regional chapter of a certain nursing specialty did a spotlight story on my mom!

She’s been a nurse for ~30 years, and has been in the same hospital for the last 25+ years. The story goes on to say that she has covered so many different aspects of nursing during that time, and is loved by staff and patients alike.

I don’t doubt any of this. I remember one time I was waiting in the staff room when I started looking at cards that former patients had sent to thank the nurses for their care.

One card, as simple as it was, stood out the most. It was a white card, with the words “Thank You” on the front. On the inside was a picture of a little girl standing by a statue of a large dog in a park. She had shoulder length brown hair and zebra striped poncho, and a huge smile on her face.

Underneath the picture was a note:

Stereotypical Mom,

You are an angel! Thank you for making LG feel so special through all this! You were so sweet, kind, nice, informative, funny, and caring! We will never forget our experience at UMC. You are a fabulous nurse!!



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June 6, 2009 at 09:24

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