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There is an interesting article I found while going through the New York Times this morning. I actually heard about it yesterday on NPR, and after seeing the article this morning, it got me thinking:

With society becoming more and more technologically depedent, what are the health ramifications?

Tennis elbow. Runner’s knee. Texter’s thumb? Don’t be surprised if that becomes a new term (if it isn’t already).  I am currently suffering from txtrs thumb, thanks in part to a recent purchase of an iPod Touch. I text with my cell phone, but I’ve never experienced pain like this… and I punch those keys pretty fast. But now with this Touch, my thumb (the left to be exact) is worn out. I wonder if it’s because unlike the keys on my phone, the screen does not give. Or it could be with each different device, a new typing method must be implemented.

The NYT article can be found here. It discusses both the psychological and physical changes texting is now creating, especially in teenagers… but can be applied to anyone tied down with any sort of portible electronic device.

Tell me what you think.


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May 27, 2009 at 07:08

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