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NCLEX Practice Question of the Week

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Here is the weekly question posted on the NCSBN Learning Extension:

An older adult client with tuberculosis has difficulty coughing up secretions for a sputum specimen. Which nursing action is appropriate?

  1. “Spray the oropharynx with saline”
  2. “Ask the client to drink a warm liquid”
  3. “Force fluids for the next eight hours”
  4. “Raise the head of the bed to at least 45 degrees”

The correct answer is 4 – Raise the head of the bed to at least 45 degrees.

Adjusting the head of the bed will aid the client in coughing.

Why the others are wrong. Making the client drink warm liquids will help loosen secretions, but this methods should not be used when trying to collect the specimen.

Spraying the oropharynx with saline can induce coughing in a client, but can also irritate the area, bringing about more problems.

Forcing fluids… that would be through an IV… so that is an obvious wrong answer. How would forcing fluids help with the sputum specimen?

Explanations of the wrong answers were found here.


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