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My First Day

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My first day of nursing school is over, and I’m suddenly developing amnesia. Is it information overload?

Here’s what I do remember:

My plan was to sleep early so I would be ready for a whole day of classes. This never happened, as I ended up making it back home after midnight. Not to worry, six hours of sleep would work just as well.

It would have worked if I could sleep. I woke up several times during the night and by the time I finally got up, I was more exhausted than when I originally went to bed.

I had prepared everything the night before, so I had time to relax before I left for school. I’m not sure if I should tempt the traffic gods, so I will be giving myself a nice big window to get to campus. It took me twenty minutes to get to school today, leaving me enough time to pick up a large iced coffee and get acquainted with the building I will be spending all my time in for the next year.

I headed up to the floor to find a handful of students waiting to get into the classroom. At least I wasn’t the very first one there. And just like me, their bags bulged with our textbooks. As it turned out, class actually started at 9, and not the 8:30 that was posted on the schedule. That doesn’t go into effect until next week.

Intro to Nursing – Today’s lecture was pretty much review. We covered the definitions of nursing, the roles of nurses, and some other things that we should know.  There are four hours allotted for this class, and with several breaks, it took just under three hours.

Pharmacology – Boring class. And the professor… hmm. How to describe? Well, let me tell you what happened in class. PP had everyone introduce themselves to the class. When that was done, it was PP’s turn.

PP: I got my BSN at XYZ school… I went back to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist. I got my Master’s at ABC and my first job out of school was at Urban Medical Center, the worst hospital. Horrible, horrible, horrible. This is the worst hospital ever. (here PP ranted about the interns, residents, nurses and everything that was associated with UMC).

Hmmm. I’m sorry, but if you’re teaching students that are going into your profession, it would be best to think before you speak. Trashing a site you used to work at, and people you used to work with shows no class and a pretty elitist point of view. Not even to mention the fact that UMC is where my mom works at. For the past few decades, and I am pretty sure they have crossed paths, since they are both CCRNs and worked in the same areas. Even if my mom didn’t work there, PP’s negative comments were uncessary and completely unprofessional.

And of course, PP is my clinical instructor. Even though PP lacks tact, I have the feeling that this person is a great clinical instructor. I emailed a recent graduate, and he mentioned that PP likes to bash old jobs a lot, but when it comes to teaching clinical skills, PP is the person you want to work with.

Tomorrow is our first day of labs. In the meantime, I need to do some studying. I’ve been Twittering during the breaks today, and I may continue to do so. If you want to follow it, click here.


Written by stereotypicalone

May 26, 2009 at 20:15

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