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I really need to stop buying things, but I convinced myself that this was an absolute.

I bought an Ipod Touch. Second generation, 8gb to be specific. I already have a nano, which I use when I go running/biking/anything to isolate me from the rest of the world. So I don’t need another mp3 player.

I plan on using it as my PDA, although I don’t know if I need it just yet for nursing school. But afterwards there will be plenty of usage. What really sold me was the fact that the applications that work on the iPhone also work on the Touch. And there are several good nursing/medical applications that would help me out in the long run.

Want an example? For my Phamacology class, we will be required to buy Davis’s Drug Guide. The Program Director also mentioned that we may want to bring it with us when we’er out on clinicals. I seriously doubt this, considering most places keep at least one copy of that book… but if I wanted a copy with me at all times, I would rather have it on a hand held that takes up zero space than a bulky book.

AllNurses has several threads dedicated to the Touch, including which applications to get. I’ve also been asking my friends in medical school which ones they perfer. For the most part, both camps say go with Skyscape and Epocrates. Skyscape requires you to get paid subscriptions for the more popular apps, but apparently you can write these off. Score!


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May 15, 2009 at 23:42

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