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The madness will begin in exactly three weeks.

Holy crap!

Am I ready? Not exactly. I just got my FAFSA and TAP stuff taken care of not too long ago. I just found out today how much I’ll be getting from TAP, and it’s not that much. Hopefully the rest will be covered by FAFSA. I am hoping that it will, because I agreed to pay the balance that financial aid won’t cover.

I had my physical done two weeks ago, but I still need to hand in my PPD form, show proof of a tetanus shot, and get my blood titers redrawn. Apparently my NS will not accept labs unless they have a numerical value. Positive just doesn’t cut it.

So I need my blood drawn. If I have it done at the school it will cost me close to 500 dollars. For two tests. That is double the costs of my textbooks… for two classes. And the sucky part? Because I work part-time, I am not entitled to medical benefits. So I am uninsured, and this will be completely out of pocket. I can’t have my blood drawn at work because they don’t report quantitative results. Which leaves me two options: the local health department or an outpatient lab site. I really hope it isn’t that expensive.

All of the books I ordered came in two weeks ago. I haven’t had a chance to start studying, because I need to finish Pathophysiology first. But I have only a week left of it so I will be shifting my attention to that and my pre-entrance exams.

Three weeks enough time to get ready?

Let’s hope so. Fingers crossed.


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May 5, 2009 at 01:14

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