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NCLEX Practice Question of the Week

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Here is the weekly question posted on the NCSBN Learning Extension:

A nurse is discussing with a new mother the proper techniques for breast feeding an infant. The nurse would identify an incorrect understanding and the need for additional instruction if the mother made which statement?

  1. “I should position my baby completely facing me with my baby’s mouth in front of my nipple.”
  2. “The baby should latch onto the nipple and areola areas.”
  3. “There may be times that I will need to manually express milk.”
  4. “I will give the baby a pacifier in between nursing.”

The correct answer is 4 – “I will give the baby a pacifier in between nursing.”

According to this site, it is advised to refrain from the use of pacifiers or bottles “until breastfeeding is going smoothly.” It is possible that newborns may experience nipple confusion- if the pacifiers are used too much, the baby  may become too accustomed to the artificial nipple and have trouble with the mother’s breast.


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