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Super Quick Method For Military Time

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Does 1800 confuse you to bits? For a time it did for me, and I’m a military brat. If you don’t work in a health care setting, be aware that all work (orders, notes, etc.) is recorded in military time.

At first, it took me a few minutes (and a quick glance at the time on the computer) to figure out some of this stuff. But, thanks to my wonderful lab guy I have a great trick to decode it.

Take any time past 12:59 and subtract 12. Ignore the 00 at the end.

For example (17)00 – 12 = (5)00 = 5:00

Or if you really want to be lazy about it, just subtract 2 from from the second number (ie. 1700 – *2** = *5** = 5:00)

Easy? Yes.

Obvious? Um… yea, sure.


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April 10, 2009 at 22:49

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