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“Hi, Are You Still Interested In Our School?”

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I am popular today. It’s not even noon and I’ve already been on the phone for over an hour. First I had to handle some work related issues (I’m still debating if I should talk about it) and then I got a call from a certain foreign medical school.

Yes, I’m one of those.

You know, “What do you call a student who can’t get into med school? A nursing student.

No, I don’t really think that way. But I did apply to medical school. Several schools, more than once. And I did not get in. So yes, I did look at nursing schools. I need to do something more than what I do now… and it’s a good field.

Do I still want to go to medical school? Ask me again in a few years.

Anyways, about the phone call. I really wasn’t interested in this med school. But I was on a phone roll, so I yakked it up… I was in my BS element. And it was pretty obvious the guy on the phone was working off of a script. Too many scripted phrases.

“Life long friends”

“Truly rewarding”

“The best experience”

Give me a break.


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March 24, 2009 at 11:50

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