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I’m not going to go into detail and list all the classes you need before applying to nursing school. For starters, requirements vary from school to school; and can be found easily online.

Before I can even start school, I need to take Pathophysiology. So I’m taking it now, and should have it wrapped up a week or two before the program starts. I’m taking the course online, through one of the state univeristies.

Would I sound arrogant if I said this class is a piece of cake? I’m not saying it is, but most of the material being covered is familiar to me now, since almost everything has been covered in some form in previous courses.

With all this familiarity, I should be doing well in the class instead of so-so. Maybe I should study more than what I’m currently doing, which is going over the material a few days before the exam. Procrastination is what does me in every time, and you would think I would do something about it. One of these days.

I’m already in. I just need a C+ or better for it to count.


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March 20, 2009 at 01:53

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