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Two more months until I am unemployed.

I still need to hand in my letter of resignation, but I’m feeling very torn. The school suggests that you don’t work for the year you do the program. My family and my SO also feel the same way.

My co-workers? Completely the opposite.

“No! Don’t quit! You can still work on the weekends.”

“Yes, I could. But it would really suck. I’ll be in school or clinicals five days a week, and then I’ll have to drive up two hours and work Friday and Saturday. Then I will have to some how recover fully Sunday and start all over again.”

“You don’t have to work all weekend. How about just Saturday?”

I feel really bad quitting, but I have to. I have to focus all my attention to school, and that’s it.


Let’s see what my schedule looks like.


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March 31, 2009 at 11:15

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“Hi, Are You Still Interested In Our School?”

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I am popular today. It’s not even noon and I’ve already been on the phone for over an hour. First I had to handle some work related issues (I’m still debating if I should talk about it) and then I got a call from a certain foreign medical school.

Yes, I’m one of those.

You know, “What do you call a student who can’t get into med school? A nursing student.

No, I don’t really think that way. But I did apply to medical school. Several schools, more than once. And I did not get in. So yes, I did look at nursing schools. I need to do something more than what I do now… and it’s a good field.

Do I still want to go to medical school? Ask me again in a few years.

Anyways, about the phone call. I really wasn’t interested in this med school. But I was on a phone roll, so I yakked it up… I was in my BS element. And it was pretty obvious the guy on the phone was working off of a script. Too many scripted phrases.

“Life long friends”

“Truly rewarding”

“The best experience”

Give me a break.

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March 24, 2009 at 11:50

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I Did It Again

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Why do I torture myself like this? My exam and case study was due tonight at midnight. When did I decide to work on them? Oh, about 9:30 this evening.

I got them in before midnight. I think I emailed my case study (with a poor excuse of a reference and explanation of the treatment… but whatever) at about 4 minutes to midnight, and the exam was submitted at 11:59.

The case study? Completely objective. Hopefully the professor actually like the BS I wrote up this time around. The exam? Gah, I was definitely rushing at the end there. I want to say the last 10-15 questions I completely guessed. I had to, I was running out of time.

My own fault for waiting to do it at the last minute. Living dangerously.

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March 24, 2009 at 00:46

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Study Break

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When I haven’t been studying for my next Pathophysiology exam (and its be a lot of not studying), I’ve been watching videos and reading nursing student blogs. I’ve found this link that posts questions similar to those found on the NCLEX exam. I got this week’s question right, but I think anyone with just a bit of health care experience could figure this out.

A nurse is caring for a client diagnosed with a distal tibia and mid-femur fracture. The client has had a closed reduction and application of a long leg plaster cast. Thirty-six hours after surgery, the client suddenly becomes confused, short of breath and spikes a temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit. What should be the first action by the nurse with a focus to collect data?

1.check the orientation to time, place, and person
2.obtain the pulse oximetry reading
3.check the distal circulation of the casted extremity
4.take the blood pressure lying and sitting in a Fowler’s position

Check the website and see if you can answer this correctly.

Question of the week

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March 23, 2009 at 06:45

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Your Presence Is Requested

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Today was the monthly meeting of one of the organizations I work with. We go overseas and volunteer our services, giving free care to those who can’t afford it.

Working vacations.

I’ve gone on a few of these trips, but because I wasn’t a nurse or doctor, I had very little to do. Except observe. Answer questions whenever the surgeons asked. Ran for missing supplies. Attempted to speak the native language with the little kids and have them laugh at me.

These meetings are pointless. E-mail would be more effective, but I guess not everyone is technologically on par. Cell phones. Something.

Good thing it only lasted an hour.

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March 21, 2009 at 17:33


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I’m not going to go into detail and list all the classes you need before applying to nursing school. For starters, requirements vary from school to school; and can be found easily online.

Before I can even start school, I need to take Pathophysiology. So I’m taking it now, and should have it wrapped up a week or two before the program starts. I’m taking the course online, through one of the state univeristies.

Would I sound arrogant if I said this class is a piece of cake? I’m not saying it is, but most of the material being covered is familiar to me now, since almost everything has been covered in some form in previous courses.

With all this familiarity, I should be doing well in the class instead of so-so. Maybe I should study more than what I’m currently doing, which is going over the material a few days before the exam. Procrastination is what does me in every time, and you would think I would do something about it. One of these days.

I’m already in. I just need a C+ or better for it to count.

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March 20, 2009 at 01:53

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Hello world!

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If you’ve come across this blog, welcome.

How on earth did you find it?

The purpose of this blog is keep track of my experiences in nursing school, which starts later this spring. If you do stick around to see what happens, make yourself at home.

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March 20, 2009 at 00:23

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